Teach Lawn Care Clients How to Care for Their Lawn Between Visits

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After you’re done taking care of a property, do you dread leaving the in-between chores for the homeowner or the property manager to take care of? Teach your lawn care clients how to take care of their property in between visits!

You put in much work, and the property looks great after you’re done working on it. You tell the property owner what they need to do between your visits to keep their lawns and landscaped areas looking great.

Have you thought about teaching your lawn care clients how to manage their lawns between visits? This article will show you how to coach your clients on yard management.

Lawn Management 101 for Lawn Care Clients

Before you bombard your lawn care clients with too much information at one time, think about the things that customers need to do between your visits.

For this article, we’re going to focus on cool season grasses. If you serve homeowners and property managers with warm season grasses, you can flip this list around.

Your lawn care clients need to know the basics of turf management to take care of their yards between visits. Here are five tips.


If you don’t mow your customers’ lawns, then you should coach them on the 1/3 rule, sharp mower blades, and cutting the grass only when it’s dry. If there are droughts in your region, urge your customers not to mow their lawns because the turf is dormant.

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If your lawn care clients have in-ground sprinkler systems, teach them how to water their lawns using the control box settings. Also, remind them to perform regular maintenance on their lawn sprinkler systems and to change the watering frequency at the beginning of each season.

Your clients will also need to remember to hire someone to shut down their systems in the fall and reopen them again by Memorial Day.


Point out to your customers that they may occasionally see weeds on their lawns. They can pull the weeds out or let you know.

Also, if you provide landscape services, coach your clients (and their kids) to weed the flower beds occasionally because it needs to be done between visits.


If you provide fertilization for your lawn care clients, remind them to stay off of the lawn after application.

If your customers need to water in slow-release fertilizer, remind them to set their in-ground sprinkler systems to irrigate their yards at a particular time.

Aeration and Dethatching

If you provide aeration, overseeding, and dethatching services, coach your lawn care clients to lightly water their newly seeded lawns for the next few weeks. Remind them to cut back watering to every other day starting the second or third week after seeding.

How Often Should Your Lawn Care Clients Mow Their Yards?

As a professional landscaper, you know your area and how often lawns need mowing. Also, if your customer has cool season grasses, they’ll need to mow into November. If you deal with warm season grasses, the fall is a great time to remind them to plant annual ryegrass.

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Be specific with your lawn care clients, especially if they don’t have green thumbs, and rely on you to guide them.

How to Reach Your Lawn Care Clients with Cultural Lawn Management

Did you know that people need to see, experience, or hear information three to four times before it sinks in?

In that case, you’ll need to employ different ways to coach your lawn care clients. Here are some ways to reach them with cultural lawn management:

  • Provide tips on invoices
  • Write a blog about the above topics
  • Share your blog post on your social media channels
  • Create a short video to send in your newsletter and share on your social media channels
  • Create an infographic to send to your clients
  • Create a print infographic that your lawn techs can leave behind after they finish working on a customer’s lawn.

Not only should you remind your clients of these tips during the growing season, but they must also be reminded again during a drought and into the fall. You’ll stop dreading their appointments when you coach your lawn care clients on smart lawn management.

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