Expand Your Lawn Care Business from Residential to Commercial

Every year, you want to take stock of how your commercial lawn care business is doing. It’s also time to consider growing your company and expand your lawn care business.

Many landscaping companies feel they’ll make more money with steady income by switching from residential to commercial lawn care.

If you think commercial lawn care is a good choice for your company, you want to keep reading this blog post.

7 Steps to Go from Residential to Commercial Lawn Care

You decided it’s time to switch to commercial lawn care and expand your lawn business, where the work is steady and pays well. How do you make that change? All at once or gradually?

But first, you must identify whom you’ll target to find commercial lawn care jobs.

Here are seven steps to help you move your lawn and landscaping company from residential to commercial lawn care:

  1. Ask your residential clients for referrals. Everyone knows someone who’s in business.
  • Dress for success. It’s vital to make an excellent first impression, so ensure your uniforms and trucks look crisp and spotless.

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  • You need a virtual storefront. Hire a web designer to set up your website so it can be viewed on any mobile device and computer.

You should also hire a freelance writer to craft your website’s content. When you expand your lawn business, start internally. Your web designer may have writers on hand or can refer you to one.

  • Beef up your fleet. If you’re going to take on commercial properties, you need to have the right equipment, such as commercial lawn mowers, edgers, spreaders, and other lawn care equipment.
  • Invest in green industry software. Today’s software helps you with bookkeeping, customer relationship management, dispatching, invoicing, and scheduling.
  • Be competitive in your pricing. You don’t want to underbid because you’ll leave money on the table. And you don’t want to overbid because you’ll be priced out of a job. Stay mid-range or a little over to cover your overhead expenses (including your paycheck).
  • Always send out a professional proposal. Again, your lawn care software may help you with bidding and proposals. If not, find templates to use with the proposal process.

How to Score More Commercial Lawn Care Contracts

After completing all of the above tasks to set up your commercial lawn care services, you need to know how to score more commercial contracts. Here are tips to help you find clients:

  • Start small with local businesses that may rent space that includes turf.Does it look like the owner needs some help with mowing and lawn maintenance? Get their contact information or introduce yourself to the front desk to enquire about their property needs.

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  • Get involved with local networking groups like the Chamber of Commerce. You’ll get to know other business owners who may need commercial lawn care or they could connect you with someone who needs your services.
  • While you may use Facebook and Instagram for your residential clients, now you want to connect with property managers on LinkedIn. Join LinkedIn groups where you’ll interact with your target audience.
  • Get involved with the local community. Method.me says that cold calls and emails aren’t as effective as they once were; instead, you should get involved with your local community to make live connections.

For example, you might try coaching the Little League team, getting involved with scouts, or joining the Lions Club.

5 Secrets for Landing HOA Landscaping Bids

You may want to focus your commercial lawn care solely on community associations, this is a great way to expand your lawn business. However, you’ll need to ensure that you have enough labor, equipment, and other resources to work in a community association every week.

Community associations consist of

  • Condos
  • Co-Ops
  • HOAs
  • POAs
  • Villas.

TotalLandscapeCare.com’s article, “Five Proven Steps to Landing Your First HOA Client,” is chock-full of advice for landscaping businesses going from residential to commercial lawn care.

Here are the five steps the article suggested

  1. Understand how community associations work.
  2. Ensure that you’re professional with clean trucks, clear lettering, clean uniforms, etc.
  3. Go after community associations that you can reasonably accommodate.
  4. Meet the decision makers, which are the management companies.
  5. Follow up often because that’s part of the selling process.

You also want to ensure you use only the best commercial lawn care equipment. Spyker spreaders and other commercial lawn care equipment provide you with the best tools to do a professional job.

You can find our Spyker lawn sprayers and other landscaping products at your local dealer, online at these retailers, or the Spyker store.

Spyker Customer Service: For warranty, service parts, or help at any time, reach out to our team by calling our toll-free number (800-972-6130) or emailing customerservice@brinly.com. Replacement parts can also be ordered online at Spyker’s website.


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