The Benefits of Becoming a Certified Irrigation Contractor


FAQ: Why should I get certified as a CIC (Certified Irrigation Contractor) when none of my customers knows that certification exists, and everyone wants a low price for automatic sprinkler system installation? Answer: According to Christopher Pine, a CIC, “However, there are also many people that recognize the value of certification. I would be willing […]

Shop Spyker’s Memorial Day Sale for Spring Lawn Care

memorial day sale

Spyker Spreaders make the perfect tools for lawn care and commercial projects. Improve your outdoor projects with Spyker Spreaders. Shop all spring lawn attachments now with Spyker Spreader’s Memorial Day sale! Get 20% off all finished goods on the Spyker Online Store. Spread Seed, Fertilizer, and More Spyker Spreaders are made with durable poly hoppers […]

Harnessing Sunlight Differences to Perfect Home Landscapes

sunlight difference

As landscapers, you’ve probably talked to your residential clients about the importance of soil health, conserving water, and good soil drainage for landscape plants. Have you ever considered discussing how sunlight difference plays a vital role in the health and beauty of your landscape designs? Indeed, plants have different lighting needs, and sunlight is needed […]

Pollinator-Friendly Lawn Care Practices with Spyker

pollinator-friendly lawn practices

Did you know you can provide pollinator-friendly lawns and landscapes for homeowners and commercial properties? More homeowners, for example, are investing in clover or micro-clover lawns to feed our pollinators while adding extra nitrogen to the soil. And if you overseed lawns with micro-clover, the homeowners will not have to mow as often. Of course, […]

Mastering Food Plots with Spyker Spreaders

food plot

Maintaining food plots is similar to managing a large residential property. Quality equipment, property management know-how, and time are needed to create a food plot that meets your hunting goals. You must also know when to plant and what vegetation best supplements the local game’s diet, leading them to your food plots. In this article […]

Brinly-Hardy Company Celebrates 185 Year Anniversary

Brinly original plow

Jeffersonville, In. –  Since 1839, Spyker Spreader’s parent company, Brinly-Hardy Company has been a leader in innovative lawn and garden products, and in 2024, they are celebrating their 185th year!   The history of Brinly-Hardy is an interesting one, tracing all the way back to “Little John Brinly,” a blacksmith from Simpsonville, Kentucky. He first […]

Optimizing Overseeding for Warm Season Turf Care


Suppose you’re a landscaping business owner or a lawn care owner-operator in the southern part of the U.S. In that case, you’re undoubtedly gearing up for spring lawn maintenance services for your commercial and residential customers. It’s time to start marketing your spring overseeding services if you provide lawn care services. Why offer overseeding services […]

Spyker Lawn Rollers: How They Benefit Your Lawn

Spyker Lawn Rollers

Spyker Lawn rollers assist in repairing lawn damage and packing down loose dirt, seed, or sod. Learn more about how your lawn can benefit from lawn rolling. Lawn Rollers are the perfect lawn and garden tool for smoothing the surface of your lawn and leveling uneven areas. The heavy-duty construction ensures quality and efficiency season […]