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Shop Spyker’s Memorial Day Sale for Spring Lawn Care

memorial day sale

Spyker Spreaders make the perfect tools for lawn care and commercial projects. Improve your outdoor projects with Spyker Spreaders. Shop all spring lawn attachments now with Spyker Spreader’s Memorial Day sale! Get 20% off all finished goods on the Spyker Online Store. Spread Seed, Fertilizer, and More Spyker Spreaders are made with durable poly hoppers […]

Harnessing Sunlight Differences to Perfect Home Landscapes

sunlight difference

As landscapers, you’ve probably talked to your residential clients about the importance of soil health, conserving water, and good soil drainage for landscape plants. Have you ever considered discussing how sunlight difference plays a vital role in the health and beauty of your landscape designs? Indeed, plants have different lighting needs, and sunlight is needed […]