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Lawn Care Tips for Fall Lawn Clients

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As autumn’s colors replace summer’s vibrancy, the focus shifts to lawn care for your fall lawn clients. This season offers tailored care opportunities, helping soil recover from the hot, dry summer and setting the stage for a thriving spring. Essential practices like aeration and overseeding for cool season lawns revive turfgrass’s potential. Yet, it’s not […]

Electric Lawn Care for Lawn & Landscaping Professionals


Electric lawn care is transforming commercial landscaping with its eco-friendly and efficient approach. Electric lawn care equipment is powered by electricity and battery, offering reduced emissions, quieter operation, and long-term cost savings. With lightweight and maneuverable equipment, your landscaping company can navigate any lawn effortlessly. Plus, California and some HOAs ban gas-powered lawn care equipment, […]

Technology Trends to Embrace for Your Business


In today’s digital landscape, you need to find technology trends to embrace to make your landscaping business run smoothly and efficiently. These trends offer immense opportunities, from drones, robotic mowers, and smart irrigation systems. Incorporating 3D visual designs are also essential. By aligning these trends with business objectives, your landscaping company can thrive, innovate, and […]

Sustainable Landscape Design using Native Plants and more

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In a world where environmental sustainability is increasingly important, creating a sustainable landscape design is a great way to positively impact your local climate. A sustainable landscape design uses environmentally friendly techniques and materials to create aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces, supports local ecosystems, and conserves natural resources. This blog post will explore three critical components […]

Top 2023 Landscaping Trends You Need to Know

As a landscape professional looking to stay ahead of the curve, keeping up with the latest landscaping trends is essential. With 2023 already in full swing, now is the perfect time to consult with your landscaping clients about incorporating the latest ideas and designs. From sustainable gardening practices to using smart technology, this blog will […]

The Importance of Landscape Client Management

As a business owner, it’s essential to understand your ideal customer and what they need, this is why it is important to have good landscape client management. One way to do this is by identifying their pain points and finding ways to solve their problems. The lawn and landscaping industry means understanding your customers’ specific […]

Expand Your Lawn Care Business from Residential to Commercial

Every year, you want to take stock of how your commercial lawn care business is doing. It’s also time to consider growing your company and expand your lawn care business. Many landscaping companies feel they’ll make more money with steady income by switching from residential to commercial lawn care. If you think commercial lawn care […]

Teach Lawn Care Clients How to Care for Their Lawn Between Visits

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After you’re done taking care of a property, do you dread leaving the in-between chores for the homeowner or the property manager to take care of? Teach your lawn care clients how to take care of their property in between visits! You put in much work, and the property looks great after you’re done working […]