Upselling Your Lawn and Landscaping Services to Residential and Commercial Customers

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How do you grow your customer list without having to recruit new clients?

By upselling your lawn and landscaping services.

Your existing client base may not know that you provide other property services in addition to mowing and fertilizing. Inform them that you provide additional services, such as aeration and overseeding, for outstanding curb appeal.

Why Upsell Your Landscaping Services?

People don’t always hunt down the different services a lawn maintenance company provides. Instead, you need to be proactive in educating your customers about all of the landscaping services you offer and why they’re essential.

Most business experts will tell you that it’s easier to hold on to your current clientele than find new lawn care clients.

Granted, you may find that a new valuable client will trump a current so-so one. Yet, the prevailing wisdom finds that keeping your existing customer base nets more value than having to knock on doors.

So, you want to sell your other landscaping services to your current customer base that may not know about or may not understand the purpose of these add-on services.

For example, if you’re in the northern part of the U.S. or Canada, aeration and overseeding for cool season lawns runs from early September to the middle of October.

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At the beginning of August, you can start letting your mow and blow clients know about the benefits of aeration and overseeding.


By sharing that knowledge on your blog, social media, and newsletters.

You can offer a fall savings of 10% for residential customers that sign up before September 1. You can lock in your fall landscaping services well before you provide the services.

Upselling your landscaping services also saves you time. There are no guarantees that you’ll acquire new clients in the fall. Instead of advertising and cold calling, you can focus your energy with reminders on invoices and e-blasts that it’s time for your customers to schedule their fall lawn services.

Since aeration, overseeding, and putting down winter fertilizer don’t change each year, you can repurpose blogs, newsletter articles, and other marketing materials for these fall services year after year.

For example, you won’t need to write a new blog post every year regarding the benefits of winter lawn fertilizer. Instead, use the blog you posted on your website last year, update it, and re-circulate it on your social media channels.

5 Benefits of Upselling Your Landscaping Services

You reap the rewards of earning extra dollars when you upsell your services, and your customers also benefit from your other landscaping services that make their lawns and landscapes healthy.

Here are five perks for upselling your lawn care services:

  • You get to perform other landscaping services that provide holistic plant health care on a customer’s property.
  • You become a one-stop lawn service for your local region.

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  • You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when you lose a customer. Instead, contact your existing base with your add-on services.
  • Since relationships are vital in field service, you develop long-term, loyal clients.
  • Your customers are more likely to buy extra services from you rather than another company for additional landscaping.

Get Your Entire Company Involved with Upselling Your Landscaping Services

Since your crews regularly go onto your customers’ property, get them to look for troublesome spots in lawns and landscapes. Also, encourage your teams or the foreperson to take pictures of areas where the shrubs need pruning or where a tree looks like it needs plant health care.

Customer service is vital to the health of your lawn and landscaping company. And if your receptionist already sells essential lawn services over the phone, encourage them to upsell your other landscaping services too.

Get your sales team to visit their accounts’ properties periodically to ask customers about their lawn services. You can have your sales team remind clients about the benefits of tree pruning, insect control for shrubs, and cleanup services each fall and spring.

Make upselling a regular part of your company’s culture. You can incentivize each sale that someone secures for your company with bonuses, such as Amazon gift cards.

Add Spyker Spreaders to Your Fleet for Four Season Landscaping Services

If you provide commercial and residential snow services, you want to add Spyker spreaders to your snow and ice removal fleet.

For example, our Spyker 120# Commercial Drop Spreader applies ice melt to sidewalks and driveways to the pavement’s edge without getting any of the product on the grass.

You can reassure your clients that you won’t burn their lawns or raise the soil’s pH when you use a Spyker 120# Commercial Drop Spreader to put down ice melt.

And meet our newest Spyker addition: Our Drop-In Sprayers!

Our new sprayers feature the following

  • Quick set-up out of the box: No additional batteries or parts are required to start spraying
  • Durable, never-rust poly tank: 9 gallon capacity with 5″ lid for easy filling
  • Adjustable 0-60 PSI regulator with pressure gauge: Provides versatility for different liquids and job requirements
  • 12-volt Shurflo diaphragm pump: Features 3.0 GPM for higher flow rate as needed
  • Easy-to-reach controls: Includes convenient handlebar-mounted on/off toggle switch
  • 15″ poly wand: Lightweight wand with an 8-foot self-retracting hose helps cover hard-to-reach areas
  • 62″ boom width: Provides an effective spray width of 80″ to get jobs done faster with fewer passes needed
  • Breakaway booms with three sections: For safe passage through smaller spaces, such as garden gates, around retaining walls, or between trees.

You can find our Spyker products at your local dealer or online at these retailers.

Have a question about your Spyker spreader? Then, call our customer service at (800)-972-6130 or fill out our contact form.

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