How to Become a Certified Irrigation Contractor

July has arrived, and it’s Smart Irrigation Month. If you own a landscaping company becoming a certified irrigation contractor can help. Moreover, if you want to install in-ground sprinkler systems, including drip irrigation and tree bubblers. Go to to learn more about becoming a certified irrigation contractor. How to Become a Certified Irrigation Contractor […]

How to Upsell Your Hardscaping and Landscaping Services

Are you hoping to sell more outdoor kitchen installations or meditation gardens this spring and summer? Then you need to upsell your hardscaping and landscaping services. 5 Tips to Boost Landscaping Sales As a growing landscaping and hardscaping company, you want to boost landscaping sales for your hot-ticket services. You have your core services, such […]

What Type of Grass Seed To Buy for National Lawn Care Month!

Welcome, April is National Lawn Care Month, and it’s a great time to discuss how to buy grass seed that is high quality for your lawn and landscaping company. Read on to learn what type of grass seed to buy for optimal results! Your customers trust you to use professional-grade grass seeds to make their […]

It’s Hiring Time: What’s Your Recruiting Plan to Keep Up with Spring Landscaping Jobs?

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The landscaping industry has struggled with a labor shortage for the past decade. So, it’s essential to consider what you’ll be doing during this hiring season. What’s your recruiting plan to keep up with spring landscaping jobs this year? On October 3, 2018, the National Association of Landscape Professionals reported 6.7 million job openings and […]

How to End the Year Strong in Your Landscaping Business: Use These Ideas to Help You Launch into the New Year

It’s December, and 2021 is winding down. Will you end the year strong in your landscaping business? You can still end the year strong by looking at your overall financial health, reviewing your marketing and sales plans, and committing to growth goals that will help you launch 2022 on a solid footing. 3 Questions to […]

Back Office Tips to Keep You Focused on Growing Your Landscaping Business

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Is your landscaping business growing by leaps and bounds? Do you spend the majority of your weekend doing payroll, paying taxes, and doing customer service tasks? If you’re starting to hire more employees and you feel like you’re working 24/7, then it’s time to outsource some of the back office job tasks to a contractor […]

Upselling Your Lawn and Landscaping Services to Residential and Commercial Customers

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How do you grow your customer list without having to recruit new clients? By upselling your lawn and landscaping services. Your existing client base may not know that you provide other property services in addition to mowing and fertilizing. Inform them that you provide additional services, such as aeration and overseeding, for outstanding curb appeal. […]

Learn the Best Way to Topdress Your Lawn

best way to topdress your lawn

Do you find it amazing that what’s old becomes new again? For instance, take topdressing. Old Tom Morris, a Scottish greenkeeper from the 19th century, started topdressing the famous golf courses of Scotland. From there, topdressing became a regular part of taking care of golf greens because of the topdressing’s positive results. Now, more residential […]