Spyker Lawn Rollers: How They Benefit Your Lawn

Spyker Lawn Rollers

Spyker Lawn rollers assist in repairing lawn damage and packing down loose dirt, seed, or sod. Learn more about how your lawn can benefit from lawn rolling.

Lawn Rollers are the perfect lawn and garden tool for smoothing the surface of your lawn and leveling uneven areas. The heavy-duty construction ensures quality and efficiency season after season.

Why Do I Need a Lawn Roller?

Lawn Rollers help with various projects like seeding, repairing lawn damage, and more.

  • Seeding. Once you have tilled the ground and spread seed, a lawn roller can go over the surface of your lawn, compacting the soil and helping the seeds settle. Once you seed your lawn, rolling ensures the seeds aren’t washed away by rain and can assist in the growing process.
  • Repairing Lawn Damage: Lawns that have been hit with frost heave, mole hills, other surface-level lawn damage can benefit from the use of a lawn roller. Lawn rollers are heavy enough, when filled with water or sand, to compress hills, tunnels, and divots to level the surface. This also prevents air pockets in the soil from drying out roots and killing grass and other plants.

What Lawn Rollers Does Spyker Offer?

Spyker Spreaders currently makes two lawn rollers to meet our customers’ needs. Both rollers are made with a durable commercial-grade thick poly drum that prevents rusting, denting and more.

  • The R28-1824 lawn roller is a push/tow lawn roller with a 300 lb. weight capacity. This roller is 18” x 24” and easily switches from a push to a tow roller by flipping the handle, no tools required!
  • The R76-2436 lawn roller is a tow lawn roller with a 770 lb. capacity. This roller is 24” x 36” drum with an easy push/pull option as well as a rugged tow option for bigger lawn projects.

Both rollers are also equipped with a easy-turn plug which comes tethered to the drum to prevent loss. From February 11th – February 18th get $100 off your purchase of a Spyker Lawn Roller only on the Spyker Online Store. Take advantage of this deal before it is over!

Why Use a Spyker Lawn Roller?

Spyker Lawn Rollers are commercial-grade and can be used use after use on your clients’ properties. Here are 6 reasons why you should choose a Spyker Lawn Roller:

  1. Durability: The design of Spyker rollers was created to withstand season after season, this is a highly durable product.
  2. Avoid Turf Damage: The round edges on the rollers prevent lawn damage during tractor turns and are easy on turf.
  3. Drum “Memory”: The extra-thick poly drum prevents rusting and warping. If the roller is dented from improper storage, Spyker rollers are formed with a “memory” to hold their shape. Removing the plug, emptying the roller drum and letting it sit in direct sunlight with the warped spot facing up will correct the dent, warp, or flat spot.
  4. Easy-Turn Plug: The Easy-Turn Plug comes tethered to the drum to prevent loss.
  5. Storage Mode: When the Spyker Lawn Roller has been emptied after a job, the lightweight design makes for easy transport and storage.
  6. Adjustable Scraper Bar: The adjustable scraper bar on the Spyker Lawn Roller prevents mud collection when installing new sod or leveling a lawn.

When Should I Use My Roller?

Lawn rollers are most effective to be used in Spring or Fall when the ground is at its softest and is holding the most moisture. If you wait till summer when the ground is dry and hard it can be more difficult to compress the soil and roots may have already experienced permanent damage from trapped air pockets.

 Video: Unboxing, Assembly, and Tips for the Push/Tow Roller from Spyker Spreaders: R28-1824

You can find out more about Spyker Lawn Rollers at Spyker.com or visit your local dealer.

Spyker Customer Service: For warranty, service parts, or help at any time, reach out to our team by calling our toll-free number (800-972-6130) or by emailing customerservice@brinly.com. Replacement parts can also be ordered online at Spyker’s website.