Upselling Lawn Services for Enhanced Landscaping Business

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Do you want to grow your lawn and landscaping business in the New Year? If so, you need to learn the art of upselling lawn services.

The Art of Upselling Lawn Services

Upselling is when you ask your customers if they want to include add-on lawn and landscaping services to their current lawn package. For example, if you provide mowing services, you could ask your customer if they would like to add on aeration and overseeding services that improve their lawn’s health.

To succeed in upselling lawn services, you first need to understand your customers’ demographics, the lawn problems commonly experienced by homeowners in your region, and how much homeowners in your area care about their lawns and properties.

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Identifying Opportunities for Upselling Lawn Services’s article on upselling encourages the following steps for upselling lawn services:

  1. Understand your landscaping customers’ goals and reasons for wanting to improve their property

Not every customer wants your additional lawn care services for their property. Instead, you need to know what your customer’s goals are for their property. Do they want only to satisfy HOA bylaws or add curb appeal that makes their property stand out?

  • Know which customers will benefit from additional lawn services

Once you understand each of your customers, target those clients who would benefit from your upselling lawn services.

You’ll be able to find homeowners and property managers who want an emerald-green lawn with no weeds, and your additional services will help them meet those goals.

  • Have evidence that your customers need these additional lawn services

You don’t want to come across as a smarmy salesperson. Instead, be honest when upselling your lawn services. For example, if you live in an area with lawn diseases, you can show your customers how preventative fungicides will prevent or cure lawn fungus.

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  • Show your customers why they need these additional landscaping services

Continuing about lawn diseases, you can show your customers through videos or pictures what a lawn disease does to a customer’s property. Some lawn fungi will keep multiplying, killing the grass along the way, and the only way to prevent disease is through fungicide treatments.

  • Be upfront with the cost of your recommended landscaping services

Talking about upselling lawn services’ costs can be uncomfortable. It’s better to be upfront about the price tag of your additional services than hide the fact of the increased prices.

Do your best to show your customers why these services are a good investment when telling them about the extra cost.

  • Present past customers’ reviews of these additional lawn services

Do you have other lawn care clients who invested in these additional services? Hopefully, you captured their lawns’ before and after pictures or videos to share with other customers.

When you’re upselling lawn services, make sure you have proof that these additional services will benefit the clients you’re upselling to. Customer reviews and before and after photos help your clients feel confident in paying for these extra services.

  • Always evaluate your upselling techniques

Whether you successfully sold those extra lawn services to your customers or not, it’s always best to re-evaluate your upselling methods. Did you come on too strong? Did you show customer reviews? Did you understand your lawn care client’s needs?

Review the above list to see where you can improve or gather more evidence that your additional lawn care services will benefit your current clients.

Enhancing Value with Spyker Spreaders and Other Lawn Equipment

Of course, your lawn care equipment may influence your customers to invest in your additional landscaping services. Your commercial and residential clients won’t be impressed with less-than-professional landscaping equipment to provide those extra lawn services.

At Spyker Spreaders, our professional landscaping equipment assists in making your customers’ lawns and landscapes beautiful. Our top-notch spreaders, lawn sprayers, and rollers transform your customers’ properties from bland to brilliant.

Take a look at our Spyker landscaping products:

  • Our lawn rollers switch from push to tow without any tools; they can hold between 300 – 770 lbs of weight, depending on size, and their heavy-duty, extra-thick poly drum won’t dent or rust.
  • Our drop-in sprayers come with a 15” poly wand or a 62” boom with an 80” spray width, depending on sprayer size, covering up to 30,000 sq. ft. per fill. Both sprayer sizes are compatible with Spyker and Lesco Spreaders.
  • Our Pro-Series Spreaders come in different models to make doing lawn care jobs easier. We have a wide variety, from handheld to broadcast and commercial drop spreaders.

Your customers may be willing to agree to your upselling lawn services when you use top-notch lawn care equipment, proving that you’re a professional who’ll do these extra tasks well.

Growing Your Landscaping Business through Upselling Lawn Services

Don’t forget that upselling your lawn services means more than introducing all of your customers to your add-on services. You need to know and care about your customers’ property needs and provide evidence that your add-on lawn services will benefit your customers.

Clients will feel more confident investing in your add-on services if they see other clients’ successes with those lawn care services.

Seal the Deal with Spyker Spreaders

As you grow your landscaping business by upselling lawn services, you must add to your fleet. Why not invest in Spyker Spreaders?

You can find our Spyker lawn sprayers and other landscaping equipment at your local dealer, online, or at the Spyker store.

Spyker Customer Service: For warranty, service parts, or help at any time, reach out to our team by calling our toll-free number (800-972-6130) or by emailing Replacement parts can also be ordered online at Spyker’s website.

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