Why Your Landscaping Company Needs Field Service Support

field support

Invest in your lawn service when you hire a field support service and buy field service software tools.

What is field service support?

It’s a business that provides you with software or people to help you get the back office jobs done that keep your business in the black.

Field Service Support Details

If you’re a small business, a one-person lawn care company, or a landscaping company with many employees, you still need someone to answer your phones, pay your bills, schedule jobs, and send out proposals.

Here are four companies and three conferences that provide you with the support you need to run your lawn service successfully:

  • Pink Callers – Need an office manager to answer the phones and respond to texts and emails? If you don’t want to pay the lease on a brick and mortar office building, you can find your office manager through Pink Callers.

Pink Callers provides you with office support that’s more than a virtual assistant service. Indeed, Pink Callers’ Customer Service Rockstars (CSRs) provide the following services for lawn care and landscaping companies:

  • Office administration
  • Answer phones and return calls
  • Respond to emails and texts
  • Follow up with website leads
  • Follow up with calls
  • Schedule estimating appointments and accepted work
  • Collect payments
  • Keep your customer relationship management (CRM) software updated
  • Your CSR can work in various field service software programs.
  • WorkIz – Do you wish you had time to organize your business? Now, you can with WorkIz. A web-based software management tool that will keep your business organized.

Here are some of WorkIz software features:

  • Scheduling
  • Invoicing
  • Job management
  • Client management
  • Team management
  • Phone system
  • Business reports
  • Service dispatch
  • Service chatbot.

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  • Service Autopilot – An all-in-one software program designed for lawn care, landscape, tree removal, and snow removal companies. Service Autopilot’s software streamlines your daily operations with
  • Instant invoicing
  • Automatic routing
  • Estimates
  • Same day payments
  • Marketing.
  • SingleOps – Similar to Service Autopilot, SingleOps provides a one-stop-shop exclusively for the lawn care and landscape industries. SingleOps integrates your sales, back office, and field workforce in one app. App features include
  • Sales Management, including CRM, estimating, job site mapping, proposals, and email/SMS communications.
  • Office Management, including scheduling and routing, job management, purchase orders, inventory, job costing, custom reports, and QuickBook syncing.
  • Field Management, including mobile access, work orders, timesheets, GPS tracking, job forms, and payroll exports.
  • Conferences to follow: If you want to learn more about these services as well as find other field service companies, you want to attend conferences dedicated to home service companies.

Granted, some of these conferences may go virtual due to Covid-19, and others haven’t announced their 2021 plans yet. But it doesn’t hurt to get on their email lists.

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Here are three conferences to consider:

  • The Conquer Summit – This conference is by invitation only, and you need to be in the Conquer Program. This Program provides steps for growing your landscaping or lawn care company, it also includes steps and coaches to guide you.

In the Conquer Program, you get an invitation to participate in groups focusing on Community, Accountability, 1-on-1 Support, Base Camp, and Peer Support.

  • Responsicon – Slated for January 28th–30th, 2021, in Phoenix, AZ., this conference bills itself as the “ultimate selling conference for service companies.”

You’ll mingle with other field service businesses as well as learn new selling and marketing techniques.

While there are no dates planned for the 2021 conference, you can still pay attention to see if it rolls around next year. It’s a 100% virtual conference that you participate in from your mobile device or computer.

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