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What is Spyker’s Accu-Way™?

What is Accu-Way™?


Image of Accu-Way™ in the Spyker Hopper Port

You may have heard about Spyker’s patented Accu-way™ technology, but what is it and how exactly can it help your lawn care business?

Many pros in the business know that when using a rotary spreader, materials have a tendency to be broadcast more to one side versus another. This can lead to striping and an uneven application of material. Which we all know can lead to unhappy lawn care clients and no repeat business…

To resolve this problem, Spyker Spreaders created Accu-Way™. Accu-Way™ is a wedge-shaped device in the port of the hopper that is used to guide the material forward or backwards, regardless of the type of material being used. The enables you to get a balanced application and even spread pattern every time. Accu-Way™ is made for all spreading conditions, eliminating skewing while leaving the spread width unchanged.



How to Use Accu-Way™?

Accu-Way™ can be adjusted via the Diffuser Knob to ensure the right settings for an even spread. Spread pattern can be affected by many variables such as humidity, temperature, wind, spreader condition, speed of travel, material size and weight. Because of these variables, the diffuser must be adjusted for each type of application. Proper adjustment will prevent skewing and uneven coverage.

Turning the Accuway Diffuser Knob just a little will result in a change to the spread pattern. The Accuway Diffuser Plate has a front and a rear ramp. Never adjust so that the diffuser plate splits the material flow to both the front and rear ramp at the same time.

If the spreader is spreading to the left of center, turn the diffuser knob counterclockwise fully. Then adjust clockwise until the edge of the diffuser plate centers the spread. If the spreader is spreading to the right of center, turn the diffuser knob clockwise fully. Adjust counterclockwise until the edge of the diffuse plate centers the spread. Be sure to check your Spyker manual for more information and settings! If you need further assistance when adjusting your Accu-Way dial, you can reach out to our Spyker Customer Service team for help. They can be reached at (877) 728– 8224.

Watch the Video to See Spyker’s Patented Accu-Way™ Technology in Action



Does our new ERGO-PRO Line include Accu-Way™?

Yes! While Accu-Way™ was originally introduced in Spyker’s Pro-Series of spreaders, our new ERGO-PRO™ line of commercial broadcast spreaders also includes the patented Accu-Way™ spread pattern control. Specifically, it is in the 80lb and 50lb models. You can learn more about ERGO-PRO™ here.


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