How to Upsell Your Hardscaping and Landscaping Services

Are you hoping to sell more outdoor kitchen installations or meditation gardens this spring and summer? Then you need to upsell your hardscaping and landscaping services.

5 Tips to Boost Landscaping Sales

As a growing landscaping and hardscaping company, you want to boost landscaping sales for your hot-ticket services. You have your core services, such as maintaining flowerbeds, trees, and shrubs.

Other bread and butter landscaping services include walkways, patios, and retaining walls. However, upsells in the landscape services industry involve designing and building outdoor kitchens, dry creek beds, ponds, and other outdoor living spaces.

Here are five tips to boost landscaping sales in 2022:

  1. Keep your core services and use them to bring in new customers. Your core services will be needed for people who want to spruce up their outdoor living spaces.

It may be for a young couple in their first home, an HOA project, or a retired couple who can’t maintain their landscapes anymore.

These core services allow you to develop relationships with potential customers.

Many folks don’t understand the value of outdoor living rooms. You can eventually introduce higher-priced services as you develop relationships through your core services.

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  • Continue to develop relationships with different HOAs and communities in your area, with the goal being to dominate that area. You want to grow your customer base in different communities or commercial areas so you can upsell your other hardscaping services to more people.

Advertising Landscaping Services

Folks who drive by homes where you provided landscaping will notice your professionalism and call on you for landscaping services—especially when there’s a bandit sign on your customer’s lawn.

When your customers pass along your name, you know that they trust you. And those customers who trust you will be more open to hiring you when they want bigger ticket items.

  • When you develop those trusting relationships, your clients will be more receptive to hearing about your other services. You can explain why adding a hardscape or starting new landscape beds will benefit their property and raise their home’s value.
  • Know your clients. If you have a neighborhood where people love to gather, upsell your outdoor landscaping services, such as an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit with seat walls.
  • Use social media and your blog for upsells in the landscape industry. Create an advertising campaign for particular hardscapes you want to sell over the summer.

For example, your advertising campaign can focus on five outdoor living projects that you want to boost landscaping sales, including

  • Water features
  • Yard drainage solutions, including French drains, swales, rain gardens, and dry creek beds
  • Structures, such as gazebos, pool cabanas, and pavilion roofs.
  • Lighting for safety, focal points, and fun (think landscaping lights in pools and ponds).
  • Living spaces, including outdoor kitchens, dining areas, and living areas.

Your blog can focus on the five landscaping and hardscaping features you want to upsell, including the above-bulleted ideas.

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Then, continue your ad campaign with banner ads and let folks know through your social media channels. For example, you can talk about these features in a video to upload to your blog and repurpose the video on Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.

Other Marketing Ideas to Boost Landscaping Services Sales

While you may not want to grow your landscaping and hardscaping services into a significant corporate entity, you can still use the same tools that larger landscaping companies employ to make yourself stand out from the competition and for upsells in the landscape industry.

  1. Stay in your lane. Know which services your company does well and stick with those to boost landscaping sales.
  • Pick one type of customer to serve, commercial or residential.
  • Specialize in certain services. For example, a landscaping services company focuses solely on water features like swimming pools, ponds, and waterfalls.
  • Be a problem-solver where you focus on your customers’ pain points. For example, you may have a client who loves to throw backyard parties throughout the summer. How can your landscaping services provide a solution to her problem of having nowhere to entertain on her property?
  • Create a logo and a brand that’s simple to understand. You already have a name for your landscaping services company.

You need to translate your brand into a logo (tagline) that sums up your company’s mission.

  • Keep track of your marketing performance. While it’s exciting to see who visited your website, it’s more important if they’re local website visits—because you’re serving your area. Your other goals should include closing sales and how many qualified leads you’re getting from your digital marketing effort.

Don’t Forget to Include Spyker Spreaders to Upsell Landscaping Services Sales

All you see is green when you add a Spyker spreader to your landscaping services arsenal. You’ll find that you get better outcomes when using a Spyker spreader, resulting in higher profits.

At Spyker, we now have more than spreaders. We’ve included lawn rollers and drop-in sprayers to help you out in the field.

Our Commercial Push/Tow Lawn Roller quickly switches from push to tow; no tools are required. And it weighs in at 270 lbs. when filled with water or sand to push down turfgrass seed.

We have two different types of Spyker Drop-in sprayers, one sprayer comes with a boom, and the other comes with a drop-in sprayer. Both lawn sprayers cover up to 30,000 sq. ft. per fill, and both are compatible with select models of Spyker and Lesco spreaders.

You can find our Spyker lawn sprayers and other landscaping products at your local dealer, online at these retailers, or the Spyker store.

Have a question about your Spyker spreader? Then, call our customer service at (800)-972-6130 or fill out our contact form.

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