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11 Reasons to Buy Spyker’s ERGO-PRO™ Salt Spreader

When you and your crews are out on the job during a massive snowstorm, you want equipment, from plows, pushers and spreaders, to work without putting more strain on your body.

You also want a winter spreader that works in the harshest conditions. In other words, you need Spyker’s newest premium commercial spreader, the Ergo-Pro™ salt spreader.

salt spreaderWhat is the ERGO-PRO™ Spreader?

The new ERGO-PRO™ is a broadcast spreader that’s built to use comfortably in the worst weather conditions. This is Spyker’s first ever winter spreader, so we took the time to do our research and get it right! The technology used to build our ice melt spreader makes it more efficient’; there’s less material waste, less time spent, and less back pain when you use this product.

The ERGO-PRO™ Winter Spreader is designed for winter use on sidewalks, store entrances, parking lots, and crosswalks.

11 Reasons to Buy Spyker’s Newest Winter Spreader

The ERGO-PRO™ has 11 features that make it perfect for salting commercial and residential properties. These benefits include:

  1. Ergonomically designed handle: You can adjust the handle to fit your height. For example, you can change the handle to meet a person who is 5’3” all the way up to a 6’6” technician. If one of your snow team is tall, then there’s less hunching over to reach the handle. Overall, this customization reduces user fatigue.


  1. Bridge-free hopper: Ice melt flows freely through the spreader without getting stuck in the hopper. There’s no more bouncing, banging or jostling to get the rest of the salt out of the hopper and onto the sidewalk.

Spyker Advantage Features Spyker Dial



  1. Spyker dial: This ingenious white dial allows you to choose from 90 different settings so you can target the right flow rate no matter the granule size or application. The Spyker dial enables you to improve the consistency of ice melt applications while minimizing waste. Your crews are more efficient. Plus, you save money because you won’t be wasting deicing product.


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  1. ERGO PRO Features Impact FrameAll-Welded Impact Resistant Frame: The frame is sturdy and rust-resistant making it perfect for ice removal. It can handle windy, snowy conditions without tipping over or swaying in heavy winds.


  1. Support stand: The stand is sturdy so that you can add  a full hopper of rock salt to the spreader without worrying about it tipping over. Plus, the support stand makes it easy to transport the spreader to different jobs during a snowstorm.


Check out Spyker’s YouTube videos to see our winter spreaders in action.


  1. Welded-Triangulated Handle: The handle makes applying rock salt, or other ice melt easy. It won’t slip out of your hands or make you twist around when making turns on the left or ERGO PRO Feature Welded Frameright.


  1. Accuway™: This is Spyker’s patented equalizer, and it revolutionizes how you put down salt on walkways, store entrances and other places where pedestrians walk. You get an even application of ice melt because the Accuway™ adjustment on the Spyker spreaders uses a small wedge-shaped device so that materials can go forward and backward resulting in an even spray. So, there is no more striping or material heavily deposited on one side. Instead, the even application saves on ice melt as well as the time to apply it during a storm.


  1. Lift handle: The lift handle makes it easier to move your Ergo-Pro™ from one area to the next. Plus, the ice melt spreader’s design makes lifting it effortlessly—even when the hopper is filled with salt.

Spyker Advantage Features Metal Gears

  1. Fully enclosed metal gears: You’ll notice that your Ergo-Pro™ salt spreader gears stays corrosion-free because it’s fully enclosed on the appliance. The metal gears also come with a lifetime warranty.


  1. Fitted cover: The fitted shock-proof winter cover protects your ice melt from the snow and wind. It’s easy to lift up to refill the hopper with the corner tab.


  1. Large pneumatic tires: You don’t have to strain to push your Spyker winter spreader because the large pneumatic tires get great traction even in heavy snow.

Do you want to learn more about the new Spyker Ergo-Pro™ line? Then check out Jason Creel’s video.

Get Your Spyker ERGO-PRO™ Salt Spreader Before the Winter Storms Start

You don’t have to wait until winter to get your Spyker ERGO-PRO™ salt spreader. Indeed, you can go to your local Spyker dealer today. You can also find the Spyker Ice Salt Spreader at NorthernTool.Com and SLEEquipment.Com.

Make your deicing jobs a cinch and save on injuries with our new ERGO-PRO™!


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