Top 2023 Landscaping Trends You Need to Know

As a landscape professional looking to stay ahead of the curve, keeping up with the latest landscaping trends is essential. With 2023 already in full swing, now is the perfect time to consult with your landscaping clients about incorporating the latest ideas and designs.

From sustainable gardening practices to using smart technology, this blog will explore the top landscaping trends set to take center stage this year.

Whether your clients want to revamp their backyard or add a touch of green to their front yard, we’ve covered you with the latest landscaping trends you need to know in 2023.

Every September, Garden Media sends out its Garden Trends Report, which how consumers spend their money and what they want from their gardens and landscapes.

For example, the title for the 2023 report is “I Believe in Me,” which is driven from two fronts:

  • Self-expression
  • Self-reliance.

“We’re fighting to establish ourselves in a crazy, mixed-up world. We’re educating ourselves on how to create a life that represents us, meets our needs, and reduces our dependency on people and systems. Reliance is the only certainty,” says the 2023 Garden Trends Report.

Now that you know the driving forces behind this year’s landscaping trends, you can incorporate that knowledge into your advertising and marketing plans. When you talk with your customer, remember their need for self-expression and self-reliance.

How can you incorporate your landscaping clients’ self-expression with a master landscape plan?

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And how can you make flowerbed maintenance or raised gardens part of an aging boomer’s need for self-reliance?

Here are seven top 2023 landscaping trends where you can incorporate your clients’ self-expression and self-reliance into a landscape design

Functional and Sustainable Landscaping

The move toward sustainable landscaping is here to stay. With weather and climate changes, including hotter, drier summers, you as a landscaper need to do your part by using permeable pavers, rain gardens, and using native plants in the landscape.

Functional landscaping means creating an outdoor environment where people with limited mobility can still enjoy their landscape and gardens.

When assessing outdoor spaces, you need to consider mobility requirements. This could incorporate features such as raised beds, wider walking paths, and ramps instead of steps to create a functional landscaping design.

Smart Landscaping

How can you incorporate Bluetooth technology and other smart tools into your customers’ outdoor living spaces?

For example, you can design and build a smart irrigation system with a timer, moisture sensor, Bluetooth technology, and a smart controller.

Likewise, you can add automated landscape lighting and other smart features that save water and energy. Smart landscaping helps your customers with reduced maintenance time and makes outdoor spaces more efficient and convenient.

You can also upsell smart landscaping technology by showing how customers will save money on their electric and water bills.

Health and Wellness

Folks want to add outdoor spaces that promote health and wellness. For example, you can build a bocce ball court, have a dedicated play area for children, and dig garden plots for your landscaping customers.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens will remain an important hardscape feature for 2023 landscaping trends, according to

Allow clients to list what they want in their outdoor kitchens, consider the size of the area where the kitchen will be built, and whether the client’s wish list meets their budget and the available space.

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Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are popular because they’re perfect for city homeowners with limited space. However, any outdoor living space can have a vertical garden to draw the eye upward.

Your customers can grow herbs, micro-greens, lettuce, spinach, and other leafy greens in their vertical garden. As the landscape designer, you must ensure they have a steady wall to handle heavier vertical gardens.

Alternatively, you can use arbors and trellises for some vertical gardens if the homeowner wants more privacy for their deck, patio, or backyard. Consider planting angel trumpets, clematis, honeysuckle, and wisteria to create privacy.

Edible Landscaping

Edible landscaping is a growing 2023 landscaping trend, and it’s not the same as a vegetable garden or orchard.

Instead, edible landscaping incorporates herbs, edible flowers, blueberry and raspberry bushes, lettuce, strawberries, and Swiss chard into the landscape.

Homeowners often want to create an edible landscape to provide fresh fruits and vegetables while reducing lawns.

For example, your clients may want to add Swiss chard and lettuce with marigolds and lupines in a flowerbed that once was turfgrass.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Many families are busy working and running their kids to sports practices, not allowing them enough time to keep up with their outdoor chores.

Aging Boomers also want low-maintenance landscaping to comply with HOA regulations and save them from bending down to pull weeds or prune shrubs.

Other 2023 landscaping trends for low-maintenance landscaping include

  • Planting more natives that attract pollinators and can withstand hot, dry summers
  • Hardscaping, including walkways that connect to different outdoor spaces
  • Mulching to reduce weeds, keep moisture in the soil, and give landscapes a tidy look
  • Adding low-maintenance grasses that don’t need constant watering, mowing, and fertilizing
  • Including water features, such as ponds or fountains, adds charm, a focal point, and sound to an outdoor living space
  • Planting ornamental trees, such as Japanese maples or flowering dogwoods, that provide visual interest throughout the year and don’t require a lot of pruning or other care.

How Spyker Spreaders Help You to Create Versatile 2023 Landscapes

In summary, the 2023 landscaping trends are all about creating functional, sustainable, and eco-friendly outdoor spaces that promote health and wellness.

From incorporating smart technology to designing outdoor kitchens, vertical gardens, and edible landscaping, the focus is on creating low-maintenance and visually appealing environments that serve a practical purpose.

As we continue embracing sustainable living, these trends are expected to grow in popularity and become more common in residential landscapes.

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