Spyker ERGO-PRO™ Series Spreaders Launch at Northern Tool

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Exciting news for Spyker (and Northern Tool) fans…

Following the successful launch of our new ERGO-PRO™ line of commercial broadcast spreaders, we are pleased to announce that the ERGO-PRO™ line is now available to shop on NorthernTool.com! Northern Tool + Equipment has been in business for over 30 years, catering to both serious home DIYers and industry pros. You can check out the new ERGO-PRO™ line at this link. 

If you aren’t familiar with our ERGO-PRO™ line, here are some of the exciting features for anyone serious about lawn care: 

– Ergonomically designed handle that adjusts in between 5’3″ and 6’6″ in height
– Bridge-free hopper geometry to reduce the need to shake or bounce the hopper, allowing granular materials to flow freely until empty
– Spyker dial for accurate calibration*
– All-welded impact-resistant frame for durability that lasts
– Support stand to fit rear platform carriers
– Welded, triangulated handle to reduce force on sharp turns
– Accuway™ spread pattern control
– Lift handle to reduce strain, even with a full hopper
– Fully enclosed metal gears and lifetime warranty
– Fitted cover comes with easy on/off tab comes included
– Large pneumatic tires with heavy traction for an easy push across any terrain

*Spyker dial included on all models except the SPY100-1S Winter Spreader.

Here’s a breakdown of the series so you can find the right spreader for your needs:

Spyker ERGO-PRO™ 50-lb. Broadcast Spreader — Black Powder-Coated Frame, Model Number: SPY50-1P
The 50-lb. ERGO-PRO™ Broadcast Spreader is perfect for spreading seed, fertilizer, ice melt and more. The hopper actually holds up to 70lbs of commercial fertilizer.

Spyker ERGO-PRO™ 80-lb. Broadcast Spreader — Black Powder-Coated Frame, Model Number: SPY80-1P
The 80-lb. ERGO-PRO™ Broadcast Spreader includes a tough all-welded frame and adjustable handle.

Spyker ERGO-PRO™ 80-lb. Broadcast Spreader — Stainless Steel Frame, Model Number: SPY80-1S
The 80-lb. ERGO-PRO™ Broadcast Spreader Includes a tough all-welded stainless steel frame and adjustable handle.

Spyker ERGO-PRO™ 100-lb. Salt Spreader —Stainless Steel Frame, Model Number: SPY100-1S
The 100-lb. ERGO-PRO™ ICE is Spyker’s first premium ice melt spreader and is built tough for taking on winter jobs. Includes a stainless steel carving blade to slice through rock salt, and a reflective frame for visibility in poor weather conditions.

Please note, Northern Tool is currently offering the new Spyker ERGO-PRO line online only. If you’d like to find the Spyker ERGO-PRO line in stores instead, you can locate a Spyker dealer here.  If you have any trouble finding Spyker near you, please reach out to the Spyker Customer Service team and they can point you in the right direction. 

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