How to Use a Lawn Roller for Aeration & Overseeding Services

If you provide lawn care services to homeowners or commercial properties with cool season grasses, it’s time to start scheduling aeration and overseeding services. Learn how to use a Lawn Roller for Aeration and Overseeding Services!

The Spyker Lawn Roller, made of an extra-thick poly drum, provides 300 lbs. of weight when it’s filled with water or sand.

This heavy-duty lawn equipment helps to push down seed and topdressing after you’ve overseeded a lawn, but it won’t compact the soil like other lawn rollers.

Why Is a Lawn Roller Necessary?

In early spring, Spyker’s Commercial Push/Tow Poly Lawn Roller repairs lawn damage caused by mice, moles, and voles from the winter. You can also use the lawn roller to pack loose dirt, seed, and sod.

The Spyker Lawn Roller is a versatile tool. For example, flipping the handle can change the lawn roller from push to tow—no need to stop and use tools to convert from push to tow.

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While you may not use the lawn roller a lot during the season when you are performing other lawn services for your customers, you’ll find that you’re grabbing the lawn roller in the fall when it’s time to aerate and overseed your clients’ cool season grasses.

And then, you’ll use the lawn roller again in the spring to tamp down those obnoxious underground tunnels that winter critters made. Of course, if your customers have warm-season grasses, you’ll aerate and overseed their lawns in the spring, which requires the lawn roller to push down seed.

Plus, lawn rollers are perfect for sodding jobs if your customers want sod added to their lawns rather than grass seed, the lawn roller packs down the sod, so the roots perfectly latch onto the soil.

Spyker’s Sturdy Lawn Roller Makes Your Lawn Roller Services More Efficient

If you provide lawn roller services for aeration and overseeding, you want to know that you can rely on your lawn roller.

The drum on Spyker’s Lawn Roller is made from commercial-grade poly to withstand the season, and the rounded edges prevent lawn damage during tractor turns.

You’ll find the extra-large opening comes with a tethered easy-turn plug, so you never need to worry about losing it. After you’re finished using the lawn roller for aeration and overseeding or sodding, drain the drum and hang it on the wall for easy storage.

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Here are eight Spyker Lawn Roller features that will make your lawn roller services more efficient:

  1. It has a convertible design, where you easily switch from a push to a tow roller. No tools are needed for the conversion.
  • You avoid turf damage on every lawn because the rounded drum end caps prevent damage when turning.
  • You can quickly fill the drum because of the extra-large fill openings.
  • You don’t need to worry about losing the easy-turn plug because it’s tethered to the drum.
  • You won’t need to scrub after a messy sod installation because the lawn roller includes an adjustable scraper that prevents mud collection.
  • Spyker’s lawn roller is durable because it’s made with a heavy-duty, extra-thick poly drum that won’t rust or dent.
  • The lawn roller is easy to store because it’s lightweight when empty.
  • You won’t need to worry about contaminants getting into your lawn roller because it features pillow block greaseable bearings with seals to protect against harmful contaminants.

Spyker Helps You Get Your Lawn and Landscaping Jobs Done

You’ve heard the phrase, “Git er done!” Well, that’s the same for Spyker’s Spreaders. Our company has grown to include many different lawn care tools to help you get the job done efficiently and professionally.

In addition to our lawn rollers, our landscaping equipment includes:

You can find our Spyker Lawn Rollers and other landscaping equipment at your local dealer, online at these retailers, or the Spyker store.

Spyker Customer Service: For warranty, service parts, or for help at any time, reach out to our team by calling our toll-free number (800-972-6130) or by emailing Replacement parts can also be ordered online at Spyker’s website.

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