Top Reasons Why You Want to Offer Organic Lawn Care

How to Start an Organic Lawn Care Business

More homeowners are looking for a natural way to nurture their lawns. These homeowners realize that traditional fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides carry risk to themselves, their children, and pets.

And that’s why more homeowners seek out organic lawn care services.

6 Reasons to Switch to Organic Lawn Care

You probably have seen the news reports of municipalities putting an end to synthetic pesticides and herbicides used on public property and private lawns. Montgomery County, MD passed a ban on certain pesticides used on residential lawns.

Plus, parents are more informed and concerned about synthetic pesticides and herbicides on their lawns. They don’t want their children and pets playing in yards with chemicals that could potentially lead to cancer.

Organic lawn care works. It rehabilitates the soil’s ecosystem so that critters underground breakdown organic matter to feed the soil. And healthy soil nurtures a robust, green lawn.

It takes two to three years for organic lawn care to take hold. And yet, it’s worth the time and effort to nurture a lawn back to natural vitality.

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Here are six reasons to either add organic lawn services to your current lawn care company or to switch to natural lawn care altogether:

  1. Customer reasons: As stated above, parents, especially Millennial parents, want their properties to be safe havens for their children and pets. Millennials grew up eating organic in many instances, so organic lawn care is a natural decision for them.
  2. Soil reasons: Consistently using synthetic lawn care products irritates earthworms and other living creatures underground. After a few years, you need to apply more traditional lawn care products to keep the lawn mean and green.
  3. Stormwater reasons: One of the motivators for the Montgomery County ban included excess pesticides and fertilizers ending up in the Chesapeake Bay. Lake Erie, in northwest Pennsylvania, also had algae blooms from too many lawn products that went down stormwater drains.
  4. Reduce irrigation needs: Lawns need a lot of water to survive hot, humid, or dry summer conditions. It has been shown that organic lawn care—especially when you use organic compost in lawns—helps reduce the need for water. Why? Turfgrass roots grow deep into the soil to find moisture that compost provides.
  5. Feed the soil: Organic lawn care feeds the soil. All lawns need nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous to keep the ecosystem alive and to promote a healthy lawn. Organic fertilizers contain seaweed, bone meal, and feather meal that breakdown in the soil and eventually feed turfgrass plants. Seaweed provides potassium, bone meal provides phosphorous, and feather meal provides nitrogen.

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  1. Become an advocate and hero in your local community: You’ll hear some lawn care companies that tried organic say that it doesn’t work. However, you can become an advocate for organic lawn care by trying it on your own lawn. Also, get testimonials from happy customers who saw a difference when they switched from conventional lawn care to organic lawn care.

How to Start an Organic Lawn Care Business

As much as you may want to jump right into providing organic lawn care, you should learn more about the basics of how to start an organic lawn care business before diving in.

The reasons are simple: You must reallly change the way you think about lawn care. And you ofcourse need to learn how organic lawn care works.

Also, you should take organic lawn care courses to learn about soil life (agronomy) and other classes that teach you about how to provide organic lawn services to your clients.

There are two ways to learn more about organic lawn care:

  1. NOFA’s Organic Land Care Course
  2. NTI Organic Lawn Care Institute.

Other organic lawn care services include

  • Core aeration and overseeing
  • Planting the right grass seed to fit your area’s climate
  • Mowing high, so lawn grass focuses on developing deep root systems.
  • Teaching homeowners that they only need to water their lawns with 1”-2” of water per week
  • And reminding your residential clients that if it rains 1”-2” in one week, they don’t need to water their lawn that week.

How Spyker Can Help You with Your Organic Lawn Care Business

At Spyker, we manufacture premium, industry-leading spreaders that help you apply organic lawn fertilizer, lime, natural gypsum, and other dry products that feed a residential lawn.

Spyker spreaders are a sound investment because you use them throughout the entire year … not just during the growing season.

We have two commercial series to meet your lawn care and landscaping needs:

  1. Pro-series: Our classic spreaders get your lawn care jobs done correctly and quickly.
  1. Ergo-series: These spreaders work with your body instead of against it. No more straining with the handles. Instead, the handles can move up and down based on your height.

You can find your next Spyker Spreader at your local dealer. You can also find Spyker Spreaders online!

Need customer support? Call us toll-free at (877) 728-8224, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET. You can also fill out our contact form for one of our representatives to get back to you.

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