How to Grow Your Landscaping Business in 2022

how to grow landscaping business

Another year has come to an end. As a lawn and landscaping business owner, you know that a lot has changed since March 2020.

Fortunately, things are looking up with FDA approval of Covid-19 vaccines, and hopefully, you’ll have better luck in 2022 with finding new hires to work for you in the spring.

While Covid-19 and folks not looking for work are things out of your control, you can make changes when you learn how to grow your landscaping business in 2022.

5 Tips for Building Your Landscaping Company in 2022

While there are many generic ways to learn how to grow your company, keep in mind that not all business building blocks benefit you because your landscaping business is uniquely yours.

Remember the old saying, “It takes money to make money?” You can see the truth of that proverb when you need to invest in newer mowers, trucks, and excavators. You also need to invest in your landscaping company by using time-saving software to streamline your business systems.

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Here are five tips for building your landscaping company in 2022:

  • Strengthen your business’s foundation: The foundation includes the crews who help you get the jobs done and the office staff who take care of customer service, scheduling, and payroll. If you find that you’re lacking in staff and crews, you need to hire.

And hiring help is a struggle in our current economy.

One expert suggested that lawn and landscaping companies start recruiting at high schools rather than post-secondary schools to find reliable help. You may want to connect with your local high school to find apprentices that you can train on the job.

  • Decrease the area that you service: Is it worth having a whole metro region with your crews spending half their workday driving across town for the next job?

Shrink your service area to become a specialist in fewer landscaping services instead of a Jack of All Trades and a Master of None.

It’s hard for your crews to go from mowing lawns for an HOA and then switching back to building a new patio for a homeowner. Instead, commit to two to three specialties and watch your landscaping company grow.

  • Don’t stick to one or two marketing tools: Instead, expand your reach using multiple channels. For example, you may have grown your lawn care business through Facebook. Now, it’s time to build your website and start a blog, or get a YouTube channel and put up videos.

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  • Boost package prices: As you grow, you’ll need more infrastructure, whether that’s CRM software or it’s more laborers. So, it would be best if you raised your prices. If you’re thinking, “I wouldn’t pay this price for hardscaping,” then you need to add value to your services to justify the price increase.
  • Influence your corner of the world: You can increase your sales and gain respect in your local area when you share your lawn care tips with others. Today, you have many options: Set up a free YouTube account, give talks at local garden centers, and write landscaping articles for your local newspaper.

How to Grow Your Landscaping Business with Marketing

According to content marketing experts, the 2022 marketing trends are geared to larger marking budgets and using empathy in your content marketing.

People are tired, and they’re frightened by the Covid-19 pandemic. If you haven’t thought like your “ideal” client before, now is the time to start. When someone visits your website, reads your blog, and follows you on social media, they want to know that you care about them.

How does a professional landscaper show they’re empathetic? By listening to their customers’ pain points and offering on-point solutions.

Try not to market by thinking like a lawn care business owner. Instead, consider what actual problems homeowners and property managers deal with daily?

For example, if there’s an HOA that’s surrounded by open spaces, the homeowners may need to contend with more weeds than an urban residential property would have.

Offer core aeration and overseeding packages to your HOAs and other residential property owners. And communicate this empathy by recognizing their pain and giving them solutions to solve their lawn care and landscaping problems.

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