How to Become a Certified Irrigation Contractor

July has arrived, and it’s Smart Irrigation Month. If you own a landscaping company becoming a certified irrigation contractor can help.

Moreover, if you want to install in-ground sprinkler systems, including drip irrigation and tree bubblers. Go to to learn more about becoming a certified irrigation contractor.

How to Become a Certified Irrigation Contractor

First, What is a Certified Irrigation Contractor (CIC)?

A CIC installs, maintains, and repairs in-ground sprinkler systems for commercial and residential clients. You become a Certified Irrigation Contractor by:

  • Signing up for the exam through IA. Before taking the exam, you must have three years of field experience working with irrigation systems.
  • Pass the irrigation contractor exam, including questions regarding sprinkler system design, installation, scheduling and other topics.
  • Meet the Select Certified Code of Ethics, which you can read more about on the IA’s CIC web page.

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  • Keep your certification in good standing by taking 20 continuing education units every two years.

After you become a CIC, you’ll be able to install, repair, and maintain in-ground sprinkler systems for your customers. You can also upsell sprinkler system installation services to your existing customer base.

Next: Check Your Business Plan Before You Become a Certified Irrigation Contractor

Before you sign up for the CIC exam, look at your business plan and long-term goals. Is this the right time to add to your existing landscaping company?

Read, Green Industry Pros has a PDF called “11 Questions to Ask Before Adding an Irrigation Segment to Your Business.” Here are the 11 points to think about before becoming a CIC:

Also consider, Why do you want to be a CIC?

  • Where does a CIC fit in your existing business plan or meet your long-range goals?
  • How will this add-on service extend your landscaping services?
  • Who will your customers be?
  • How will you market your new certified irrigation contractor services?
  • How much can you afford for irrigation equipment and SKUs?

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  • Check your state’s regulations concerning CIC’s licenses, restrictions, and water costs.
  • What do you know about smart watering techniques and irrigation systems? You need at least three years of irrigation experience before taking the exam.
  • How will you find other CIC technicians to work with your landscape company?
  1. How will you connect with other irrigation professionals?
  1. When do you want to be up and running your irrigation sales and services?

Moreover, once you’ve settled on how a CIC will benefit your landscaping company and how you’ll incorporate irrigation sales and services into your overall business plan; you’re ready to become a certified irrigation contractor.

Next, after studying and taking the certified irrigation contractor exam, you’ll know how to:

  1. Follow all irrigation system designs and plans for installing an in-ground sprinkler system.
  • You’ll know how to install a complete irrigation system, from preparing the site to laying out the design to staking, excavation, boring, trenching, grading, and backfilling.
  • You’ll practice basic hydraulics when installing all water delivery parts, including piping.
  • You’ll put together irrigation parts, including a backflow preventer and electrical sprinkler system controls.
  • You’ll be able to diagnose and repair in-ground sprinkler system parts and systems.
  • You’ll follow all irrigation system codes and laws.

Moreover, You can practice water conservation by participating in the EPA WaterSense program. The EPA WaterSense program promotes water-efficient products, programs, and practices that save household water usage.

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