Electric Lawn Care for Lawn & Landscaping Professionals


Electric lawn care is transforming commercial landscaping with its eco-friendly and efficient approach. Electric lawn care equipment is powered by electricity and battery, offering reduced emissions, quieter operation, and long-term cost savings.

With lightweight and maneuverable equipment, your landscaping company can navigate any lawn effortlessly. Plus, California and some HOAs ban gas-powered lawn care equipment, so you may be forced to use only electric lawn care equipment in California and elsewhere in the U.S.

Embracing electric landscaping tools demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and positions your lawn care business as an industry leader. Discover the future of landscaping with electric lawn care, where green meets efficiency.

Phasing Out Gas Powered Lawn Equipment

While everyone knows that gas-powered lawn equipment adds to pollution and isn’t good for the environment, it’s the noise pollution from mowers and other commercial lawn care equipment that HOAs have been banning in favor of electric lawn care equipment.

YourGreenPal.com cites that electric lawn care equipment (also called battery-powered equipment) operates in near silence, making it desirable for many communities and why some HOAs have banned gas-powered lawn care equipment in their communities.

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Also, Yahoo! Finance says that California’s legislation is moving toward gradually eliminating small, off-road engines, and gas-powered lawn care equipment falls into that legislation.

As the U.S. grapples with climate change, heat domes, and drought, gas-powered lawn equipment will be replaced in favor of electric lawn care equipment.

Rise of Electric Lawn Care

Electric lawn care for commercial landscaping companies has existed for over a decade. As battery life improves and manufacturers find new ways for lawn care and landscaping companies to charge their electric lawn care equipment, it’ll be routine to see electric mowers, blowers, and weed trimmers.

There are also hybrid lawn mowers and other electric lawn care equipment that uses gas as a backup. Lithium-ion batteries don’t cost as much as they used to and last longer in the field, enabling you to mow more lawns.

While electric lawn care equipment does cost a lot upfront—especially when you have to buy a fleet of them to service hundreds of lawns per day, it’s hard not to see their overall value.

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Electric lawn care equipment gives you a leg-up to your gas-powered lawn care competitors. Electric lawn equipment also saves you money over time because

  • You won’t have to spend money on gas that fluctuates based on world events.
  • Electric mowers, blowers, and weed trimmers are low maintenance. You don’t have to buy filters, oil, and replacement spark plugs.
  • You’ll be ahead of your competitors when your state or city mandates that all commercial lawn care companies move to electric lawn care.
  • According to Mean Green Mowers® battery-operated electric mowers will keep working for up to 8 hours without charging. How many lawns can your crews get finished in 8 hours?

Benefits of Electric Lawn Care for Professionals

The top brands of electric lawn care equipment for the professional landscaper include

  • Greenworks Commercial
  • Husqvarna®
  • Mean Green Mowers®
  • Toro®.

What are electric lawn care benefits for lawn and landscaping companies? Here are seven features that will benefit you, your customers, and your crews:

  1. If the HOAs you serve want electric lawn care equipment, you’ll be compliant with those ordinances
  • Your lawn care company reduces its carbon footprint, which may benefit you when it comes to tax credits and rebates
  • You’ll be saving money on oil, gas, filters, and other maintenance associated with gas-powered lawn equipment
  • You’ll find that crews are more productive with less downtime because they don’t have to refill gas-powered mowers
  • Your crews will notice the quieter work environment
  • No one has to work with flammable fuels
  • Since electric lawn care equipment is lighter, it’s easier to maneuver.

Overcoming Challenges

The initial investment for electric lawn equipment can be overwhelming. Yet, there are ways to find the financing needed to invest in electric lawn care equipment, such as mowers and weed trimmers.

Here are some ideas for finding money to pay for your electric lawn care equipment:

  1. Remember the Inflation Reduction Act, which has a tax credit for electric vehicles, including “large commercial grade lawn mowers.”
  • You may be able to get SBA loans to fund your electric lawn care equipment—especially if your area is moving toward eco-friendly lawn care.
  • Find a business credit card where you earn cash back and then rack up those dollars without going into debt to use toward electric lawn care equipment.
  • You may want to lease your electric lawn care equipment where you use electric mowers and other equipment for a set time and pay your dealer monthly. After the lease expires, you can buy the equipment or return it to the dealer.
  • You may also want to buy used electric lawn care equipment, such as mowers, blowers, and weed trimmers. Be savvy, though, and purchase through a reputable source.

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