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23 Best Lawn Care Business Apps

It’s no secret that apps make life easier—whether that’s a map app or an app that tells you where you can find the cheapest gas in town. For lawn care and landscapers, business and plant health apps help you succeed in business every day.

In this article, you’ll find 23 must-have apps for your lawn care mobile devices to keep you and your crews organized. These 23 landscaping apps aren’t limited to plant identification and care; they also encompass must-have business apps.

Must-Have Apps: The Best Lawn Care Business Apps for 2020

You can spend hours at iTunes or Google Play studying the various apps available to you and your crews.

Instead, Spyker has provided you with the top 23 lawn and landscape apps that not only help you identify an insect or plant species, but keeps your mobile back office organized as well.

Here are the 23 best apps for lawn care and contracting businesses:

  • Hubstaff: According to Hubstaff’s blog, the Hubstaff app syncs with all of your devices. Your crews only need to click the app to clock in and out for the day. The app also comes with a built-in GPS tracker allowing you to see where your crew is currently as well as where they’ve been throughout the day.
  • iPunchClock gets the most attention in app-related blogs for lawn care and landscapers. IPunchClock allows you to take care of multiple time sheets from your iPhone. You can clock in and out on the app in real time, giving you accurate billable time. The location feature pull-ups the right time sheet for the right job when you out in the field.

  • Invoice2Go: You can create and send invoices, create instant estimates, and get paid with Invoice2Go. According to the website, you take your office with you—all on your smartphone.
  • Evernote: The best on-the-go organization tool available. You can bookmark websites, keep lists and create notes to sync with your team. It’s a handy app for both your business and personal life.
  • Dropbox: You drop your files in this handy app that updates across all of your smart devices and computers. Keep your design team in the loop when you’re out in the field with any design changes. If your mobile device or computer gets stolen, you can still download your Dropbox files on another device.

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  • Slack: You can organize your work texts using the channels available on Slack. You can organize this app’s channels by team, project or other. It keeps you in the loop with your crews, office folks and others on your team.
  • PayPal: Stay organized with your accounts payable and receivable using PayPal. You can also send estimates and remind late payers with a few taps on the app.
  • Square: According to, Square is a credit card processing system and point of sale app that syncs with your accounting software. There’s no monthly fee, but you do need to use Square’s hardware tool.
  • Wunderlist: This is your traveling to do list. This app syncs across other computer devices as well as refreshes every morning—so you put in only what needs to get done each day.
  • iFleet: iFleet is an all-in-one scheduling app where your crews can access schedules, upload contact info, see equipment records, and read past service histories. iFleet enables you to go paperless when you upload documents that require only a digital signature.
  • Gas Buddy:Find the cheapest gas near you. Gas Buddy has saved folks, who use the    app, over $2.9 billion since 2004. This easy-to-use app will help you save money at the pump.
  • Google Earth Pro: At one time, this app cost nearly $400, but now you can download it for free on your desktop or mobile device. Google Earth Pro is a geospatial app that allows you to see a client’s property in 3-D. You can give free estimates over the phone or by a contact form on your website. Of course, you can download and use it on your other mobile devices as well.


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  • Google Drive:Google Drive allows you to access all of your files, spreadsheets and Word docs. Downloading the app is easy and free to use.
  • Google Suite:Download your entire Google Suite so you have easy access to all of your Google tools. The suite allows you to download your calendar, access your Gmail accounts and Google Drive documents.
  • Docusign:You no longer need to sit behind a desk all day getting documents prepared, or setting up meetings for your clients to sign contracts. Now, you can be on the go and download the documents for signatures right on your mobile device.
  • Quickbooks:Keep your accounting software in your hands with the Quickbooks app. You can download reports, send invoices, track your expenses, provide estimates and upload receipts all on your smartphone or Apple device.
  • TripIt:  This app keeps all of your travel plans organized in one place, and will sync across all of your devices. If you’re traveling to a trade show or a job site, TripIt helps you with a master itinerary to keep you on the move and on time.
  • Landscaper’s Companion:This app has a database of over 26,000 plants with 21,000 plant photos. Other features allow you to upload your own plants and the app has a fully searchable database. You’ll find growing zones and plant health care as well.
  • BeeSmart Pollinator Gardener:If you provide landscape maintenance and garden design services, then you need this app from Find the plants that bees, butterflies and other pollinators love and incorporate them into your customer’s flowerbeds and landscaped areas. This handy app allows you to figure out how much seed, mulch or compost you need for a client’s property. This app saves you and your customers money because you’ll only buy the amount of products you need without any left over.
  • Lawn Buddy:You can run your entire lawn care business on this app. It’s especially handy when you’re starting out in business. As your lawn care company grows, you can upgrade to Pro and Enterprise. The free app allows you to schedule jobs, reach new customers and take care of office jobs.
  • Leafsnap: Not sure what that tree is? Leafsnap has your back. All you need to do is take a picture of the leaf and the app finds the right species for you.
  • Plant Doctor:This app from Perdue University gives you a choice of what plant diseases you’re looking for. You can look up annuals, perennials, trees and turf diseases with this app.
  • Turf MD:This app allows you to diagnose turfgrass diseases. PhD peer reviews ensure that you’re getting the correct information to help you identify turfgrass diseases and how to care for turf.

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