10 Secrets for Successfully Marketing Your Lawn Care Services for Spring & Summer

marketing lawn care

It’s no secret that spring has arrived, and you’ll get more customers for your lawn care services when you start marketing your lawn care company starting back in the winter.

However, if Covid restrictions, vacations, or a busy snow season held you back from successfully marketing your lawn care services for spring, it’s not too late.

There are 10 secrets for successfully marketing your lawn care services for spring and summer. Read more to learn top tips for marketing your lawn and landscaping business.

How to Market Your Spring and Summer Lawn Services

Marketing is a mindset. As a consumer, you know that the best companies keep popping up into your consciousness by repetitive popup ads or large-size postcards that came in the mail.

Successfully marketing lawn care services starts with the mindset that you should be marketing your business year round—not only during peak seasons. You want to stay top of mind with your sales prospects as well as your current clients.

According to HBR (Harvard Business Review), it’s five to 25 times more costly, depending on the industry, to bring in new customers compared to keeping your current clients.


Because you need to spend time and money to advertise and market to attract new clients.

Instead, you always want to stay a season or two ahead, reminding your existing clients of your lawn care services. Right now, it would be best if you started planning for marketing your lawn care services for summer.

10 Secrets for Successfully Marketing Your Lawn Care Services for Spring and Summer

While it may be a little late to start marketing lawn care services for spring, you can still implement some of these ideas for getting customers fast. You can also begin marketing lawn care for summer clients too.

Allocate the right amount of money to your marketing budget so you can use a mix of print and digital marketing to bring in a constant stream of customers.

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Here are 10 secrets for successfully marketing your lawn care company for spring and summer:

  • Print ads: While there’s a lot of emphasis on digital marketing today, you still need to market to those customers who may not be comfortable with mobile technology. So, put print ads in your local newspapers.
  • Door hangers and flyers: While you’ll still have to pay for printing costs for the door hangers and flyers, you can concentrate on a specific area where most of your work is located—to attract more customers from that same region.
  • Postcards: Sometimes, mid-size postcards work better than flyers. It’s immediate—the homeowner doesn’t have to tear open an envelope. When you design your postcards well, homeowners will at least give a cursory glance to the postcard, while a flyer may hit the trashcan before being opened.
  • Billboards: If you can swing it, invest in billboard advertising. Many folks will travel the same stretch of highway to commute to work.

And parents may drive the same road again when it comes to taking their kids to activities. So, a billboard will be a constant reminder of your lawn services.

  • Digital marketing and advertising: You’ll reach the most residential clients through the internet. Homeowners will put in “lawn care near me” and similar keyword phrases in search engines. You need to make use of those keywords so your prospects can find you.
  • Google My Business: If you want to compete with other local lawn businesses, your landscaping company must be on Google My Business.

Make sure all of your information is correct—Google will double-check everything, including your company’s address. And you want your business name and contact information to be accurate. How else will new prospects find you?

  • Other online business directories: While you’re filling out Google My Business, you also want to register your lawn service company with the following directories (Make sure all of your information is updated and correct):
  • CitySearch
    • Facebook
    • Houzz
    • Social media
    • Yelp
    • YP.com.
  • Videos: Some people would rather see you in action, so videos meet their felt needs. For example, a homeowner may peruse through your website but click to watch your case study or your introduction video. It’s all about relationships and meeting your clients’ needs.

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  • Landing pages and lead capture forms: Make sure you guide your web visitors to the next step. For example, a landing page will describe your company’s service and then have a contact button for the prospect to go and fill out your contact form.

Lead capture forms are a bit different. You offer a coupon for a lawn service, a discount, or a tips report on healthy lawns. For your prospect to get that free offer, they need to fill out a form with their name, phone number, or email address.

  1. Don’t forget your Facebook page. Since marketing lawn care is local, use Facebook to draw in more homeowners from the areas you serve. You can post special discounts for Facebook fans and upcoming reminders for seasonal services.

Wrapping Up

There are many different avenues for reaching your target audience. Use a combination of print and digital ads to draw more sales prospects to you.

And don’t wait. Always be a season ahead when targeting homeowners. Then, you’ll find marketing your lawn care services will become automatic when you experience success.

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