Spyker’s “Spreading the Love” Holiday Food Drive

Spyker's "Spreading the Love" Holiday Food Drive

Spyker Spreaders is excited to announce that this Holiday season, we have launched our “Spreading the Love” campaign! This initiative is to collect food items for a nearby charity, the Dare to Care Food Bank.

Dare to Care food bank partners with nearly 300 local social service agencies to distribute food to the Kentuckiana community. In the past year alone, Dare to Care and their partners have provided over 19 million meals to the community. They partner with local food pantries, shelters and kitchens to get food to those who need it the most.


As part of our “Spreading the Love” campaign, for the whole month of December we will be collecting canned goods, asking Spyker team members to place them in the hopper of one of our ERGO-PRO spreaders. We hope to completely fill our 80lb hopper and then some! We will then drop off the goods on New Year’s Eve, hoping to make the holidays just a little bit merrier for those in need. We encourage everyone to find a way to give back this season, and happy holidays from all of us on the Spyker Team! 

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