Ride-On Spreader

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Ride-On Spreader

Frame: Stainless S100-12011

Improve productivity and reduce wear on your operators’ bodies by investing in the Spyker Ride-on Spreader. The S100-12011 improves upon a proven stand on platform by adding our unparalleled spreader technology, marine-grade stainless steel cables, tie-down hooks for trailering, and a reliable Honda engine.

With a top speed of over 5mph for quick transport and a simple thumb switch for 3mph optimal spreading speed, the Spyker Ride-on Spreader delivers consistency when you need it and speed when you want it. Large front and rear tires with turf-safe tread make the S100 easier to handle and gives a smooth ride even on rough or hilly terrain. The extra-large single port rate gate allows larger materials to be used, making it a versatile multi-purpose machine that can be used all year long. Invest in a Spyker Ride-on Spreader so that you can take on more, larger properties and still have energy to spare at the end of the day.

Spyker ride on spreader
Spyker ride on spreader Subaru engine

Honda Engine 4.4HP @ 3600 RPM
Spyker ride on spreader operator controls

Controls for Accu-Way System, Gate and Side Deflector
Spyker ride on spreader accurate settings

Accurate Spyker Dial
Spyker ride on spreader large hopper opening

120 lbs. (54 kg) Capacity
Spyker S100-12011 Ride-on Spreader
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Stand on spreader overhead view
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Honda Engine 4.4HP @ 3600 RPM
Engine Type
4 Cycle Single Cylinder
Hopper Capacity
120 lb (54 kg) Polypropylene
Spread Material
Seed, Fertilizer, Sand, Ice-Melt
Spread Width
12′ (3658 mm)
60″ (L) x 36″ (W) x 49″ (H)
Traction Drive
Tuff Torq, Model K57R Hydrostatic
Stainless Steel
Front: 13×5.60-6; Rear: 18×6.50-8
Ship Weight
320 lb


Stand on spreader overhead view


Hopper Cover
Included with Spreader

  • Prevents spills and eliminates waste

Handheld Spreader

  • Spreads granular material in small/tight lawn areas