Spyker Advantage

Our patented Accu-Way™ Spread Pattern Equalizer is the secret to achieving a balanced application and preventing striping when using a rotary spreader. Because of the nature of the rotary spreader design, granules have a tendency to be broadcast more heavily on one side or the other depending on their particle size and weight. Regardless of what material you use or the rate of application, you can always achieve a perfectly even spread pattern with Spyker.
Metal Gear System
Our fully enclosed die-cast metal gear system is another key difference between Spyker and the competition. Spyker gears are made to last, which is why we offer a Lifetime Warranty on them. We engineer world-class products and then back them up with world-class service support. This is why Spyker outperforms and outlasts the competition.
Spyker Dial
One of the most distinctive features about Spyker products is the white dial that adjusts the size of the rate gate opening. Combined with our high-flow single port design, the Spyker Dial allows the operator to select one of 90 different settings for a perfectly optimized flow rate regardless of granule size or application rate. This level of precision improves the consistency of your applications while minimizing over-application waste, improving performance and saving you money.
Made in the USA
All Spyker Pro Series spreaders are Made in the USA at our Jeffersonville, Indiana headquarters just outside Louisville, Kentucky. We take great pride in the fact that we’ve been manufacturing high quality lawn and garden equipment since the mid-1800’s. This rich history of manufacturing excellence means that you can be confident in the integrity of our products, which are hand-built by skilled American craftsmen.